Bye Bye Pimples!

My mom and dad buy the Liquid Rock for me. Regular sunscreen is white and leaves lines on my face. I like that the Rock Block matches my skin and I don’t see white. I have tan skin. I hate white streaks. I use it because it covers my pimples but I know my dad buys it for me so I don’t get wrinkles like he has. He goes camping and hunting and has a lot of wrinkles. I don’t want wrinkles but I don’t want red pimples either. I use it in the morning and I feel like my friends don’t see my pimples or red bumps. I feel like I look good all day.


No Breakouts!

I had been reading up on the harmful effects of the ingredients used in non natural sun screens especially BHT. When I read that BHT negatively impacts the endocrine system and other common ingredients were linked to cancer, I started looking at natural sun screens and came across Rock
Block. I really liked that the main ingredients were zinc/ titanium and that it would not be absorbed by my skin. Unlike other natural sun screens that used zinc, it did not make me look like a ghost which was a huge plus. In addition to being an effective sun screen, Rock Block improved my Rosacea and no I have zero breakouts.

Rock Block is great for golfing, hiking or anywhere you are outside. The other added benefit when using the ground rock version is that it complies with the carry on rules and can be carried onto a plane in my carry on luggage.

Great Product! Great Company!


No Stickiness, No Problem!

I love my yard work but the dermatologist gets on me about being in the sun without protection. I’ve had multiple procedures to remove basal and squamous cells. I hate sticky product, but once I discovered Rock Block, I’m more motivated to follow the doctor’s orders. I use the crushed rock as part of my morning routine. I use it on my face and scalp.


Rock Block Rocks!

With dark skin, zinc used to look ridiculous on me. Rock Block makes me look better because the rock matches and disappears into my skin. I use the liquid rock when I feel dry and I use the crushed every morning. Even if it’s just going to the office or the gym. I’m bald and don’t want to always wear a hat. It covers sunspots without making it look like I have anything on. I even wear it when I go out at night. When I’m on camera, I’ll use both the liquid and crushed rock together. It’s good for my skin, I’m protected, I look better, and I don’t worry.


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