StemCell Miracle

StemCell Miracle

It had been a 21 day work marathon. Working in Tucson and Scottsdale, had two expos back to back (one in Phoenix and one in LA) and I was headed to a fundraiser with my mother.

I knew I was tired. We said cheers to each other and I was definitely looking forward to eating dinner. I waited all day, excited to be hungry for an amazing buffet at the one and only Arizona Inn. I got my big plate full of food, sat down, then slid right out of my chair right onto the ground. I was out cold. No warning, no nothing. I fainted dead away. My friends picked me up, we got to my car, and my mom and I headed home.

I opened the gate for us to my complex, got back in my car, and I knew I had hit the wall. My energy was zapped and I knew I had to get into bed fast. I opened my car door. Three steps out of my car and I went down.

I’ve always been a fainter. Just what I do when my goose is cooked. Generally I get the symptoms of hearing getting dull, tunnel vision, nausea, and I know to put my head down. I’ve always had symptoms in the past but this time I had zero warning. I didn’t even try to catch myself. My mom watched my head and face bounce on the asphalt. Then the blood started to flow from my nose, mouth, and multiple lacerations. I took chunks of skin out of my face. My teeth went into my lip. I lay there unconscious. My mom woke me up. Panicked, she said we had to get to the emergency room. She told me I’d have to have stitches. She said, “The blood is pooling. You have to get up.” Being an aesthetician, I always seem to have towels in my car. Thank God. That’s all I remember until we got to the ER. My memory is spotty because of the concussion, however, being the scientist that I am, I took the opportunity of a lifetime.

Rewind to the LA Women’s Expo. Cellreon, the only egg stem cell skin care company in the world had a booth by ours. I purchased some creme and serums. I test everything I put on my shelf at work. I look for cutting edge, exotic products. I’ve been especially interested in Eastern Medicine because most skincare lines in the US are so much of the same thing. Not a whole lot new going on. Honestly I’m getting annoyed by the same, same, same. And if I hear cantaloupe one more time, I swear to God. I’m on the hunt for anything that might be unusual and a game changer. Intrigued with Eastern Medicine, nanotechnology, and the only egg stem cells in the world, I had to give it a go.

Fast forward to the accident. I hadn’t used my egg stem cells yet. It had only been a week since we had been at the expo. In spite of my concussion, I decided to document my healing using Cellreon. In the ER, I took a picture of my bloody face, asphalt imbedded in my wounds. They rinsed me with saline in the hospital but I still had dirt in my face. When I showered that night once I was released, I rinsed what looked like a pint of blood out of my hair. My face HURT. I was still crying and I reached for my Cellreon. I used both serums and the creme. My face burned but I didn’t care. Anything to heal my face and something inside me said to use Cellreon and to document.

The next day, I looked like Muhammad Ali punched me in the face. I scared the receptionist at my Dr’s office at my follow up appt. She looked up from her desk and jumped. Zombie Apocalypse style. The Dr looked at my nose, we talked about my ribs and I was on my way home.

Day 3. I knew I had a big event I needed to attend in Scottsdale at Dr Blume’s office where I run my business when I’m not in Tucson at Hush Salon. At that point I planned on not going. There would be too many questions about the accident and I really wasn’t up to showcasing my face. When I took my shower that night, my skin started to peel. It was weird, like I had used Retinol or had given myself a peel. But it was just my sores that were peeling. I rubbed the skin off of the chunk that had been missing from my cheek. Upon further inspection, new skin had already grown beneath. The chunk of skin missing was no longer anything. Like nothing had happened.

Day 4. Took my daily photo. My sores were peeling away. The only sores left were my broken nose and where my teeth went into my lips. There was bruising under my eyes from my nose, as is to be expected with a broken nose. Luckily for me, it was only a break and not displaced. The chunk missing above my eye was gone. Filled in with new skin.

Day 5. Took my daily photo and knew I could attend the big event in Scottsdale. Using my own mineral line, I took another photograph of my face with my makeup on. I showed no sign of injury except just a few stitches on my nose. The event was a success and no one knew anything at the party or mentioned a thing. I felt like I had pulled off the impossible. From Zombie Apocalypse to elegant hostess of my services at Dr Blume’s.

Day 6. Took my daily photo and had my stitches removed. Evidence of my accident was now gone. I had some slight redness only where my stitches had been and where my teeth went into my lip. That was easily covered with my healing concealer. I took another photo after my stitches were out. And I took a close photo. I never would have believed, EVER, that this kind of rapid healing was possible.

I just had Sandra at Dr. Blume’s office give me a wicked peel. Stubborn residual old pregnancy mask… How do you think I’m managing what was supposed to make my face peel like a “cheese grater?” I’m looking pretty good right about now. Cellreon knocked it out of the park once again.

My mom went to lunch with the girls she grew up with. My door is being knocked down as I write this blog. If I hadn’t seen or experienced this with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. Ever.

The moral of the story is eat regularly, take a break, and don’t fall on your face. But whether you’ve fallen on your face in the asphalt or not, this is the exact kind of ground breaking, earth shattering product I was looking for and the stars aligned. When I shared my story with Cellreon, we talked about all the ways we almost didn’t cross paths. We talked about the comedy of errors
that led us to each other. There’s always a larger plan in place that’s above us. I’m so grateful this all happened to me and I now have the product of a lifetime to share with my friends, family, and clients! Check out my website at ​ to order this exceptional product line and reap the multiple rewards!

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