Jill Adelyn Minerals & Rock Block

Jill Adelyn Minerals & Rock Block

Welcome to Jill Adelyn Minerals – Natural Skincare

Jill Adelyn Minerals is a makeup line for men and women that doubles as skin care. All of our products are created from hand-picked, natural ingredients and provide a level of mineral environmental protectant that enhance your natural beauty.

Our products were developed on the premise that Mother Nature knew what she was doing! The secret to healthy and vibrant skin is found in our minerals. Crushed rock has been used for thousands of years to offer environmental protection to the skin. Our mineral makeup consists of crushed rock. Because the skin is porous, it digests what is rubbed into the skin. When rock is placed on the skin, it creates a breathable barrier that can’t be digested. It stays in place and is naturally sweat and water resistant because rock is water insoluble. It can’t get lodged in the pores as does like talc, the most common ingredient used in all other makeup lines. Zinc in its rock form offers 100% UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) protection. Zinc is the only natural ingredient to offer this level of protection. Unlike other mineral based products, ours are milled down to small enough particles NOT to create microfissures to the skin.

Jill Adelyn Minerals contain natural minerals that work synergistically to enhance the skin’s appearance, maintain the skin’s integrity, and neutralize the skin’s moisture content. The more balanced the skin can be, the better it functions as the body’s first line of defense. We want our skin to be healthy as well as appear flawless. Makeup should be worn to enhance a person’s natural beauty. Our minerals will highlight personal features by knocking out redness and minimizing blemishes. Minerals are effective for all skin types as they calm acne, dryness, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Because our cosmetics are skin care as well, they can be worn 365 days a year 24 hours a day. It is ok to sleep in our products without worrying about the negative effects on the skin. They are formulated for all skin types and can be used for men, women and children and are perfect for outdoor activities.

If you are a salon or business owner and you would like to carry Rock Block/Shade For Humanity and or Allure skin care products, please send me a message or call me for more information on being an exclusive authorized retailer.