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The Cure

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The Cure is a comprehensive acne medication that attacks the issue of acne from all angles. Where other products fall short is in the potency of the product. The Cure is potent but has healing agents to expedite the healing process and keep the tissue healthy while the active agents attack the lesion. The Cure contains three active agents. Salicylic acid breaks up impactions. Retinol speeds up skin cell turn over rate. Benzoyl peroxide destroys bacteria. There are 3 healing agents. Hyaluronic acid brings water to the area to reduce the cracked dry appearance when treating acne. It also has kojic acid which speeds up the healing process and takes the redness out of the lesion. Finally, Vitamin C brightens, heals, and expedites healing. The product packs a powerful punch. Appropriate for all ages, including adults who suffer from stress and hormone related breakouts. Apply once a day AM or PM.