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Shade for Humanity Loose Minerals

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A shade for all. Loose crushed rock is sweat and water resistant because water is insoluble.  The formulation contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant and vitamin A which is the most  prolific vitamin in your skin. Provides SPF of 25 coverage with zinc and titanium. Bismuth helps  expedite the healing process. You can sleep in this makeup with no grief. A light dusting creates  natural coverage or you can layer the minerals for a heavier coverage look. Use on top of the  liquid foundation and concealer as well for a truly airbrushed, yet all natural, appearance. Keeps  the skin healthy. Won't clog pores with talc. There is NO TALC in our minerals. Aileen: Most fair. This is for clients who are exceptionally light complected. Klaire: Fair with yellow undertones. Not pink. Adelena: Light beige but with pink undertones. Also a good shade for skin that's light rose gold. Patricia: Medium with pink undertones. Muriel: Medium with yellow undertones. Linde: Dark medium for skin that has more gold. Amber: Dark medium for pink undertones. Sofia: Tan with yellow undertones. Jennifer: Tan with pink undertones. Liliana: Deep with yellow undertones. Victoria: Deep and neutral. Beatrice: Dark with red undertones. Rosa: Darkest shade for African skin tones.

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