Jill’s Story: The Other Side Of The Lens

Jill’s Story: The Other Side Of The Lens

As women, we feel pressured by the outside world to embody a perfection that doesn’t exist. The pressure comes down and we have big shoes to fill; we have every hat to wear. 
We are expected to be successful at work, have kids who are perfectly quaffed and turn in their homework on time, get family dinners prepared with healthy dishes and all members chatting delightfully at the table, chair the latest volunteer endeavor, be a parent driver for the next field trip, and climb that ladder to emerge beyond the glass ceiling…. All while fitting into this impossible “box.” It’s this box that society and media places us in that we fall victim to. Perfect skin. Perfect hair. Perfect nails. Perfect weight. Perfect height. No sunspots, no cellulite, no wrinkles, no frizz, fashion forward, nails painted with the latest trendy color, fasting, cleansing, injecting, pulling back our neck wrinkles, looking in the mirror and pulling up our rear ends to where they used to be, every time finding something wrong. Young women have a terrible time of it. I look back at how I looked as a young woman and I wonder why I was so critical of myself.

My daughter, Lili, is in the throes of it now. Women of all ages have it hard, but young women have it worse. It happens when they realize, as age 17 rolls around, that they don’t look like what’s airbrushed in the magazines and maybe they have curly hair when straight “is in.” I decided to do an experiment…

Lili has struggled with her weight, her nose, her arms, her face… In her mind. This isn’t reality. But how much of what we see isn’t reality in actuality? We decided to do a photoshoot so she could see herself on the other side of the lens.

Huge success! She was able to reclaim her power by seeing herself through different eyes. She was stunning. She held her shoulders back, and stood straight and proud as soon as she saw the first few photos on the camera. She saw she was beautiful.

Here’s the truth. Each of us embodies beauty and is powerful in our own unique way. It’s important to own our differences and laugh at the magazines or the media that tell us we’re supposed to be “just so.” The truth is that loving ourselves and being supportive of each other creates confidence that radiates and a big smile that lights up the room. When we stand together and embrace our differences, we’re stronger than the media and the farce of what’s considered “beautiful” in cookie cutter fashion.

When you come to see me at Hush, I’ll support you in owning your beauty and reclaiming your power. I have many tricks up my sleeve to help you feel good about aging gracefully, or dealing with that pesky acne, or finding that elusive foundation color that matches you perfectly.

Visit me for an absolutely free consultation. Maybe you’ll want to schedule your own photoshoot after a makeover with me. It’s a really great opportunity to see your beautiful self in reality, from the other side of lens.

Photo credit goes to the talented April Bennett at Soul’s Image Photography.

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