Jill’s Guide To Teen Skincare

Jill’s Guide To Teen Skincare

Teen Skincare

If you’re suffering from hormonal acne, I can help you by creating awareness and eliminating the external factors that create and exacerbate blemishes.

  1. Allure Gentle Cleanser for more sensitive skin
  2. Allure Glycolic cleanser for typical teenage acneic skin
  3. Image acne lotion 4) Allure moisturizer with micronized titanium
  4. Allure Hyaluronic and Collagen serum 6) Allure brightening creme with retinol
  5. Rock Block for environmental protection or as a substitute for typical makeup.

There is Rock Block for both men and women. AM ­Wash your face with either cleanser. ­moisturize with Allure’s morning moisturizer with titanium ­Use your shade of Rock Block to calm and heal redness and acne lesions. PM ­Wash your face with your Allure cleanser twice. Once cleans dirt off, second time cleans skin. ­Moisturize with Hyaluronic and Collagen serum. ­Use Allure brightening creme 3 times a week at night ­Use Image acne lotion (clean skin at night speeds up healing and prevents clogged pores) Avoid any and all products with talc. Talc is like rubber cement in your pores. Avoid mineral oil on your skin. Use Jill Adelyn healing concealers to speed up recovery while covering blemishes. Stay out of the sun and always use your Rock Block daily. It protects the skin from the elements. With a few changes in your routine, you’ll see drastic improvement. If you have questions about your specific situation, please message me. I’m happy to help you and guide you.

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