Happy, Healthy & HOT: Sun Protection Starts Early

Happy, Healthy & HOT: Sun Protection Starts Early

I often hear clients tell me stories of iodine and baby oil to obtain the deepest tan. A tan is your skin’s response to DNA damage. There’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Now that we know better, there’s quite the market for reversing the signs of aging, of which the sun is 90% responsible for.
Now that we have learned about the dangers of the sun, we try to spare our children the maladies created by such ultraviolet damage. Not only are sunscreens safe for children over age 6 months, if used regularly in childhood they can prevent skin cancers from developing in later life. Recently, a researcher reported that if sunscreens were used regularly by children through the age of 18, there would be a 72% reduction in the cases of skin cancer later in life.

Skin cancer is a killer. I can’t emphasize this enough. But what’s hard for kids to understand (especially teens whose brain development tells them they’re invincible), is the long-term effect of wrinkles, spots, capillary damage, sagging skin and other unseemly results of too much UV exposure.

Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and UV clothing are healthiest sunscreen options. Don’t use a sunscreen with and SPF that contains chemicals as they can get digested by the skin. SPF stands for sun protection factor. The numbers used for SPF aren’t scalable how you might think. SPF 30 isn’t twice SPF 15. SPF 75 isn’t 3 times SPF 25. In fact, the FDA just changed the rules about how sunscreens are labeled. No more SPF labels above 50 and a company can’t say sweat or waterproof, but they can say sweat and water resistant. With these higher SPF ratings, people frequently forget that it’s not a free pass against reapplication.

Do you see an elephant throw dirt on once a day or multiple times a day? Nature knows best. Keep your kids covered with nature based sun protectants and remember to reapply and don’t forget the ears! Educate your children and set the example by making it a part of everyone’s daily routine. For everyday use, Rock Block is an easy product to apply and rush out the door; keep it in your briefcase, purse, or backpack for reapplication. Stay protected – never tan unless we’re spraying you with tanning solution in the salon, and prevent skin cancer by instilling good sunscreen habits in your children, because prevention starts early. They’ll thank you later!

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