Happy, Healthy & HOT: All About Lash Extensions!

Happy, Healthy & HOT: All About Lash Extensions!

Lashes are what’s in. Whether it’s strips, drop ins, thicker and more wild mascara, or lash extensions individually attached to each of the client’s own individual lashes, this is what’s hot.

Lashes seem like an insignificant feature to accentuate. But they make a huge difference in a woman’s appearance. We lose lashes as we age and extensions can make a person look instantly younger and they create a feminine and flirty look.

Attaching an individual extension to a client’s own individual lash is called Classic Extensions. There’s also a new technique called Volume Extensions, in which much lighter lash extensions are picked up in unison and affixed to a single lash. This may be called the Russian technique, the European technique, and there’s also the American technique. All Volume Extensions involve multiple lashes affixed to a single client’s natural lash.

Here are some important things to know about how we perform lash extensions. At Jill Adelyn Aesthetics, we are triple certified and well educated on lash health. The health of your natural lash comes first. We choose the correct thickness of an extension that is appropriate for your individual lashes. We use a variety of lengths to create a natural look. Your own lashes have multiple lengths and grow in rows. When performing Volume Extensions, we are also considering the health of your lash. More is NOT more. This can cause damage. Too many, too heavy, too much will damage your natural lashes. Don’t be fooled by lash extensionists offering more and more. The end result will be undesirable. We’ve done many repairs where natural lashes are glued together, glue is on the skin, and so much weight has been placed on the natural lash, that there are holes in the lash line.

Our style of lashing is one of artistry and technique. We make sure your natural lashes are carefully separated from each other. We use multiple lengths for your multiple layers. Our clients enjoy their stunning look without the obvious look of overly thick, overly stacked, and ultimately damaging heaviness. The best compliment our clients receive is, “Wow! Your eyes look amazing!” Or when the dermatologist breaks out the magnifying glass because the attachment is seamless and she can’t believe they’re extensions. Or when our clients are asked, “What is that amazing mascara you have on?” That’s when the word is spread….Get lashed at Jill Adelyn Aesthetics!

Make an appointment for your full set or your fill today. You’ll love what you see and your natural lashes will stay healthy and strong.

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I'm a proud mother of four, skinaholic, product junkie, mad scientist, and lash boss. I'm a terrible snob when it comes to ingredients and only put on the shelf that which has endured my most impossible scrutiny. I cherry pick pieces that I love and customize everything. I'm a summa cum laude graduate from the University of Arizona and take my continuing education seriously. I'm a triple certified lash extensionist, and have certifications in advanced peels, microdermabrasion and dermaplanning. So come in, relax, and let the transformation begin!


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