Expos, Expos, Expos!

Expos, Expos, Expos!

have to say I get butterflies and a rush of excitement as we set up our booth each time. My favorite piece of our booth is the life size elephant throwing dirt on its head. This picture symbolizes the mission we’re out to accomplish: Crushed rock is the oldest, safest sun protectant in the world.

I always have my sister, Patty. She’s the one who tethers me to the ground when my head is in the clouds having a flurry of new ideas. She’s the yin to my yang, keeps the most important details in check, and is a master merchandiser and master aesthetician. My sister is my right arm and my left arm. The importance of having balance in the team can’t be described in words. It’s a necessity and I’m blessed to have my perfect match.

Then if I’m lucky enough to pin down the beautiful and brilliant daughter of mine, I’m set. We get swamped at these expos and it helps when there’s a rush, it helps to have a third person.

The brilliance in an expo isn’t the actual sale. It’s the exposure we get from women of all walks of life and particularly women of color. I have created a shade for everyone and I literally have the right color for everyone.

Some mineral formulations we call “shape shifters.” These are colors that seems to work for the most impossible colors of skin that need to be matched. Our top two shape shifter liquids are Adelena and Liliana Shade For Humanity. Minerals look different on each person. I’m glad I have a few shape shifters for those hard to match skin tones. We go from yellow and pink, then to deep gold, red, and blue. The dark skin means deeper undertones. Pink becomes red, yellow becomes gold, and blue emerges.

All of the shades of The Answer shape shift. This is helpful because the liquids in our line are pharmaceutical grade skin care. We’re not messing around with makeup just for the sake of makeup. Your makeup should work for you and be part of your daily regimen to protect you and offer ingredients that improve the skin.

When I’m at the expos and get a few minutes of downtime, I love to see what’s new in the world. I’m a fan of the true entrepreneur. I’m not looking for multilevel marketing but for people who invent and are ingenious in their work.

Next stop will be San Diego in Sept, then we’ll do a Phoenix, LA run again. Next year will be the Las Vegas show.

Having the opportunity to share my ideas and vision is what I love. What I love even more is the transformation that takes place when we do a makeover. Every woman beams and leaves smiling. This is my dream come true.

To those of you who have attended The Ultimate Women’s Expo this year, my gratitude is to you! For those entrepreneurs I met in other booths, three cheers to you! May we all continue to
strive for the best in what we do. The manifestation in the talents of humanity is quite the sight to behold. I highly suggest attending these events. They’re magnificent.

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