Microneedling is sweeping the nation because of its great results and minimal downtime. At Jill Adelyn Aesthetics, we use the MDPen. Other friends who microneedle in their practices have compared their device to ours and have expressed that they prefer our pen to theirs.

MDPen is a microneedling device that moves at speeds up to 17,500 RPM creating 15,000 micro channels per square inch for maximum coverage and a more complete treatment. Two things happen when we trick the skin into thinking it’s been damaged. First, the skin reproduces collagen production. Collagen is what gives keeps our skin firm. Second is that the skin reproduces hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin cells but is drastically depleted over time. When we boost hyaluronic acid, water is pulled into the skin cells. The improves hydration is the skin and gives the skin a plump appearance. We use growth factor stem cells and lifting and tightening serums that have a direct pathway into the dermis because we’ve created multiple pathways.

Microneedling therapy is used to treat acne scars, fine lines, photo aging, stretch marks, poor texture and is less aggressive than laser or IPL treatments. I’ve treated a client post laser and it was quite frightening. One woman literally looked like someone had put a blowtorch to her face.

I’m a fan of conservative yet highly effective treatments. Believe me, I did my research when purchasing a pen. If I learned anything from earning my degree at the U of A, it’s research. I’ve also had clients say they’d like to use a roller with tiny needles and roll their skin at home. Our pen adjusts to the necessary depth of each area of the skin. We used to use rollers but they can’t adjust to each area of the skin and they can’t mimic the multiple direct channels to the dermis.

We believe based on our research that optimal results occur with 6 treatments, at least a month apart, with a once a year treatment to maintain. Even if our clients are gone for the summer or are on vacation, the skin is still regrowing collagen and hyaluronic acid between treatments. We simply resume when they return.

We also have the capability to treat multiple body areas with our pen. It’s not just for the face and neck.

Schedule a free consultation and take advantage of our special offers. I highly recommend this treatment as it is a fountain of youth for the skin in the least invasive way possible with the best results possible!

I have to say I get butterflies and a rush of excitement as we set up our booth each time. My favorite piece of our booth is the life-size elephant throwing dirt on its head. This picture symbolizes the mission we’re out to accomplish:  Crushed rock is the oldest, safest sun protectant in the world.

I always have my sister, Patty. She’s the one who tethers me to the ground when my head is in the clouds having a flurry of new ideas. She’s the yin to my yang, keeps the most important details in check, and is a master merchandiser and master aesthetician. This girl is my right arm and my left arm. The importance of having balance in the team can’t be described in words. It’s a necessity and I’m blessed to have my perfect match.

Then if I’m lucky enough to pin down the beautiful and brilliant daughter of mine, I’m set. We get swamped at these expos and it helps when there’s a rush, it helps to have a third person.

The brilliance in an expo isn’t the actual sale. It’s the exposure we get from women of all walks of life and particularly women of color. I have created a shade for everyone and I literally have the right color for everyone.

Some mineral formulations we call “shape shifters.” These are colors that seem to work for the most impossible colors of skin that need to be matched. Our top two shape shifter liquids are Adelena and Liliana Shade For Humanity. Minerals look different on each person. I’m glad I have a few shape shifters for those hard to match skin tones. We go from yellow and pink, then to deep gold, red, and blue. The dark skin means deeper undertones. Pink becomes red, yellow becomes gold, and blue emerges.

All of the shades of The Answer shape shift. This is helpful because the liquids in our line are pharmaceutical grade skin care. We’re not messing around with makeup just for the sake of makeup. Your makeup should work for you and be part of your daily regimen to protect you and offer ingredients that improve the skin.

When I’m at the expos and get a few minutes of downtime, I love to see what’s new in the world. I’m a fan of the true entrepreneur. I’m not looking for multilevel marketing but for people who invent and are ingenious in their work.

Next stop will be San Diego in September, then we’ll do another Phoenix, LA run again in October. Next year will be the huge Las Vegas show!

Having the opportunity to share my ideas and vision is what I love. What I love even more is the transformation that takes place when we do a makeover. Every woman beams and leaves smiling. This is my dream come true.

To those of you who have attended The Ultimate Women’s Expo this year, my gratitude is to you! For those entrepreneurs I met in other booths, three cheers to you! May we all continue to strive for the best in what we do. The manifestation in the talents of humanity is quite the sight to behold. I highly suggest attending these events. They’re magnificent.

Elephants. It’s hard to dismiss the widespread love of this majestic creature. It’s a primal revelry we humans have for this highly intelligent, emotional and ancient animal. Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and they speak to each other telepathically. Their tribes have the attitude of all for one and one for all. Elephants have been known to sacrifice themselves in order to save the tribe. All females nurture their young and the young of other females, from the Matriarch down. They have been seen to have shed tears when a fellow elephant takes its dying breath. They will gently rumble comfort to an elephant in labor, and will teach the newborn how to use its trunk. They experience the same emotions we humans do. Joy, happiness, rage and jealousy. Elephants have excellent memories and if crossed, will seek revenge. They have similar lifespans to ours as well.

There’s an element of mysticism that transcends cultures and the Hindu God Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, has the head of an elephant. As heavy as elephants are, they move through their space virtually silently, as if honoring the earth around them. They seem to know what we don’t. They have to rely largely on intuition because their small eyes and large heads make it hard to see everything around them. We’ve lost a lot of what our intuition might be telling us because we’ve let this primal gift lapse. We’ve created a world where we seem to believe only what our 5 senses tell us exists.

Elephants have always been my favorite animal. As I’ve moved through life, I’ve realized how many other people revere, are fascinated by, and are actively trying to save the species. They suffer terrible acts of violence as a result of people wanting the ivory from their tusks. We’re within years of losing our largest land mammal due to poaching, game hunting, and the ivory trade.

The most tragic of all, is that we may potentially lose an animal that has so many lessons to teach us. When my friend, Jane Michaelades Smith went to Africa as the Arizona Ambassador for elephants, she showed me these incredible photos, from her business Kianzabe Designs, of how elephants throw dirt on themselves all day long. It was like someone smacked me in the face as I made the most unbelievable realization. Dirt is the oldest environmental protectant in the world.
Jill using nature's sun protectant
Turns out, elephant skin burns quite easily, as does ours. They throw dirt on themselves multiple times a day to protect themselves from the environment. When we humans are in the sun, reapplication is an absolute necessity. It seemed so obvious to me when I put the pieces together how to create a product line for all of humanity: One that’s safe, effective, natural and ancient.

Rock Block and Shade For Humanity were born. Dry zinc, dry titanium dioxide, iron oxides… No matter what color your skin is, there’s a shade that will match your skin. The idea is that our human skin is protected invisibility, without white sticky zinc, and protected in a way that prevents our bodies from ingesting chemicals. Crushed rock is water insoluble, so it just sits on the skin. Reapplication is what we know is necessary for elephants’ skin and we’re no different.

I have a beautiful piece of artwork I’ve hung over my bed of an elephant that reminds me everyday to be strong and wise, walk with grace, love my children, protect my tribe, and lean on strong women in my life. I believe that all along, elephant energy has been waiting for me to reveal its life saving secrets of sun protection. Elephants are patient and maybe I had a primal moment when I opened my mind in a telepathic way to receive the message that was meant for me, miles and oceans away. Today I look at my logo and the photos and artwork of elephants that I’ve surrounded myself with and I feel so blessed. If the elephant is your power animal, spend time learning about this most extraordinary animal. There’s so much to be learned and much to be revered.

Photo credits: Jane Michaelades Smith & Souls Image Photography.

You may or may not have heard of the phrase by Joseph Campbell called “Follow Your Bliss.” I studied Joseph Campbell in high school in my humanities class. He studied multiple world cultures and religions and was able to find one common theme: The Hero’s Journey. It’s a cyclical process that transcends all culture and religion. It’s the struggle of humanity that each person faces when trying to find true happiness on his/her own terms. It’s fascinating to read about and once you know The Hero’s Journey, you’ll recognize it in many books and movies.

As I’ve gotten older and have had to work through multiple challenges, this phrase, “Follow Your Bliss” is the one that keeps me anchored to the ground. I wrote about my personal collapse in my blog “That Which Does Not Kill You…” What was instrumental in my journey at this low point in my life was Kung Fu Panda. Yes, it sounds ridiculous. But by a series of unexpected circumstances, an overweight panda is selected as the next “Dragon Warrior” when he knows nothing about how to perform martial arts, but knows he loves the concept. Through a series of missteps, trials and tribulations, he’s handed the sacred Dragon Scroll. Inside the scroll is supposedly only meant for the eyes of very few, because a deep secret resides inside. As the panda opens the scroll, he sees there are no words. Only his reflection. He’s confused and disappointed. As the story continues to unfold, he comes to the most critical realization that any one of us can possibly achieve. His reflection was the answer. It’s that he’s his own “secret ingredient.” He’s the hero of his own story. Only now does he truly believe that all along, he’s had what it takes to conquer the unconquerable. And he’s been his own worst enemy.

We live this cycle multiple times through our lifetimes when we pursue a life that’s true to our dreams. The Dragon Scroll moment in the movie resonated deep within me during my time of loss and confusion. I came to that realization that I’m my own white knight, the hero of my own story, and to follow my heart. The biggest demons I faced were actually my own personal doubts.

Following your bliss isn’t necessarily a blissful journey. It’s usually the hardest path to walk. There was a study done at hospice and the one major regret people taking their dying breaths all had, was they hadn’t lived their dream. They hadn’t been true to themselves. Being true to yourself can be the hardest thing in the world. You might make a choice that others strongly disapprove of. You might fall multiple times right on your face. You might hobble through bushes of thorns, all tattered and bruised. BUT, at the end of it all, you’ll know you led a life that was authentic to you. You followed your bliss.

In the aesthetics room, there’s an unspoken rule of confidentiality. Salons can be the best places to vent and share because we often relate to each other on so many levels. There’s the one common thread that consumes nearly 100% of the conversation. It’s the common story of adversity, searching, finding happiness, living happiness, or the heartbreaking stories of people who are giving up on their own dreams just to keep the peace and status quo to please others and keep their lives as conflict free as possible. Having been one who’s walked through the valley of the shadow of death, having made decisions that baffled the community around me to
live my authentic life, I find sadness in this. The slow process of giving up robs a person of their inner light.

The inner light is what gives us the spark we need to forge ahead. It creates the biggest smiles and the most contentment in our own skin. The littlest things can create happiness and joy, even if you’re pulling yourself out of that last sticker bush that was right in the middle of your path that you fell into because you tripped on a big rock where there was a snake.

True beauty is about that inner spark. That confidence you have while pulling thorns out of your arm, but you can’t help but laugh at the same time. Radiate. Smile. Know you have true purpose in this life that’s unique to you. The impossible can be possible once you are able to conquer the biggest obstacle that stands in your way. And it’s yourself.

Come and see me in my space of bliss. It’s contagious. You can tell me about your story and I’ll cheer you on. God knows the path I’ve walked. Let me help you with my contribution to feeling good about yourself, which involves beautifying your external self in the best way I can. You’re a snowflake. All of us have beauty and there’s only one of you in this entire world. The hardest part in realizing your dreams and happiness starts with you. I’m here to help you. What I do is simply icing on the cake. Most important of all is to be true to yourself and to Follow Your Bliss. The excitement in the adventure is waiting for you!

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